Address Secretary of General Manager Logistic Manager IT and Electronic Commerce Japanese Translation Department of Market Polymer and Construction Material Coating & Ink Ingredients Fine and Special Chemical Product others

Refer to your working site. Special Announcement: 3 local offices would not accept Graduates in this year. There are Shanghai Office, Guangzhou Office and Beijing Office.

If you are interested in the position of our company, please post or fax or E-mail your resume and your relevant certifications and papers to us, in which your should attach the follow items: the position you are interested in, location your can work in, your desired salary. If we were also interested in you quality, we would afford you with a further interview. Do not call us or visit our company. And we would not send back your information, but we may reserve your privacy information in secret according related laws and regulations!
If you had your College Recommendation (for this year’s graduates) or any recommendations released by your former human resources departments (this would be required for whom has already worked for other companies), please sent above-mentioned documents to us. The company develops continuously and we would recruit new employees at any time! If you think you would like to work for our company, please post or fax or E-mail your resume and relevant certifications and papers to us!

Steady Work Condition + Advanced Training + Professional Service = NCM = Social Liability + Respect + Long-term Service and Common Benefit. NCM is a platform for those people who are willing to work hard with us, tolerate the loneliness, and thank the one who provide them with chances or opportunities. They are self-disciplined and wants to study and work by themselves.
NCM has provided with regular “HERSBIT” “Huibang” Scholarship and other temporary funds for over twenty universities, such as Sichuang University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, HuaQiao University, Qingdao Science and Technology University, Fudan University, East China University of Science & Technology, Nanjing Industry College, Nanjing University, Nankai University, Dong Hwa University, Sun Yat-sen University, Beijing Chemical Industry College, Tongji University and so on in past years. NCM has funded International Education For ELIC (English Language Institute/China), which is an international fund give thousands of students financial support. Some of them we supported have serviced in NCM, but most of them have become the outstanding personnel in business serviced for our suppliers and clients.

Besides NCM has developed it business for every year, it has recruited excellent graduates from every colleges and universities to work for the Group. Except for professional chemical personnel, it has also recruited graduates from other specialties, such as die assembly, machinery, aeronautics and astronautics, mechanical-electrical integration,electron and electric apparatus, materials, wrapping, weaves, dye printing,refrigeration, lubricating oil, accessory ingredient and other sub-specialties. And to support the development of our business, we also recruit other related specialties, such as: Intelligence, Public Relations, Laws, Marketing, Secretary, Art, History, cultural relic protection and other arts and science specialties…


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